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South Oz summer plants?
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Author:  Tonzz [ Jan 2nd, '19, 08:41 ]
Post subject:  South Oz summer plants?

Ok you south ozzies what are you growing.
Ive got 8 different tomatoes, SWMBO has pumpkin (groan), cucumber, zucchini, rhubarb, Dont get excited about my greens...(eating wise, I know they are good for you etc etc but Id rather eat the cow that ate the greens.


chinese vegies, different greens, snow peas, what else.

I have strawberries going well but they are coming out sometime and going into their own different system

Author:  Brian [ Jan 2nd, '19, 10:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Oz summer plants?

Aquaponics bed

capsicum,eggplant ( two types), baby spinach

Dirt bed

butternut, watermelon,sweetcorn

Author:  Graf [ Jan 2nd, '19, 12:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Oz summer plants?

I've got tomatoes, basil, oregano, various brassicas, capsicum, celery, parsley, self sown coriander, climbing cucumber, and bolting chard and beetroot for seed keeping in the AP.

In the ground rambling under fruit trees (apricot/peaches, plums, nectarine and citrus) are pumpkins (butternut and Musquee de Provence) and a heritage Rockmelon variety, cannot remember the name, some ugly looking thing! Between espaliered cherry/pear and apple rows I've got black Zucchini.

In wicking beds are strawberries, cabbages, fennel, beetroot, carrot, tomatoes, more basil, chives and some other stuff.

Will upload photos into my thread of how its looking shortly.

Author:  Terra [ Jan 2nd, '19, 12:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Oz summer plants?

Aquaponic beds

Tomatoes , Allans early , SA Best , Mama Mia , Mortgage Lifter , and a "Heat tolerant variety" ive had for a few years as a mid season tomato they have the first flower clusters now .

Corn , trying again as a Nitrate user , never been able to get good cobs but plants look great this time

Beans , yellow climbing

Cucumber , this year trying "Suyo Long" so far they look terrific , massive vines and NO mildew . Were recommended on a garden group im in, as heat and mildew resistant.

Some apple cucumbers

Red oakleaf lettuce , more heat tolerant than others

Yellow sweet chillis

A few strawberries

Garlic chives

I will put in some sugar snap peas and another cucumber late crop soon

I have a dozen blueberries growing in geotextile bags , peat / compost mix

Dirt garden

A few more tomatoes (nearly finished) interplanted with a few of my heat tolerants

Golden nugget bush pumpkins


Strawberries in a raised bed , flowered heaps look great but set nothing waste of time and water

I have a couple of plants in big pots that are doing great so maybe its a variety thing in this hot hostile climate , so will multiply these for next year .

Might plant some pumpkins , they are super cheap to buy here (roadside stalls) so wonder if they are worth growing.

Author:  Graf [ Jan 2nd, '19, 13:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: South Oz summer plants?

Terra wrote:

Might plant some pumpkins , they are super cheap to buy here (roadside stalls) so wonder if they are worth growing.

They are worth growing and storing. I grew a couple of butternut vines 2 years ago, ended up with 3doz or so, they stored for pretty much 12 months with only 1 loss to rot in the garage. We ate lots of pumpkin that year :)

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